We want Sunday to be the BEST DAY of your child's week

If your children are potty training, please communicate that to the teachers and bring an extra change of clothes.  Volunteers are never allowed in the bathrooms with children.  They will assist them with clothing (as needed) outside the door and with hand-washing afterwards.

We provide snacks each week.  We usually serve Goldfish, Pretzels, or Cheerios.  When we are serving something new, you will see a note posted on the door of the classroom.  If your children have any allergies or special dietary needs and cannot eat what we have provided, please inform the teachers and bring appropriate snacks for them.

Do not bring toys from home, as it is very difficult to keep up with them and it causes unnecessary stress for the kids when they are asked to share with other children.  Please label all items that belong to your children.


Sunday morning is divided into several segments.

As soon as they walk in the door, they participate in a MAKE IT FUN activity that is designed to grab their attention.

They will then hear a creative presentation of the Bible story and participate in worship, where they are encouraged to sing and dance and interact with their leaders.

Following the worship and story-time, they will go to their small groups for a brief time to talk about what they've learned that day and what it means to their young lives.  They will also pray together as we teach them what it means to talk to God.

During the last part of their morning, they will participate in several creative, fun activities designed to help them better understand the key truth of the day through a hands-on experience.

They will be promoted to the next classroom based on the school calendar.  Promotion takes place in the fall.